Arundells, in Salisbury's Cathedral Close, reflects Sir Edward's time in public office and contains his collections of: paintings, (including Wyllie, Singer Sargent, Piper, Churchill, Sickert, Augustus and Gwen John, John Nash, Lowry and many more), sailing and musical memorabilia, Oriental and European ceramics, cartoons, bronzes, Chinese and Japanese artworks, photographs and much more, just as they were when he lived there, along with access to the beautiful two acre garden. We have also opened Sir Edward's study for the first time to the public this year, in addition to a picture filled corridor, which is on the first floor

HOUSE AND GARDENS OPEN FROM 24th MARCH TO 29th OCTOBER 2014 and then from 23rd MARCH through to 4th NOVEMBER 2015

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After our guided tours have ended, nearly all of our visitors tell us how much they have enjoyed the tour, giving them a completely new perspective on the owner, changing and enhancing their view of his personality, and what he achieved in his long and varied career

He would be thrilled and proud that the details of his life were being discussed in this positive way

I think this is just as Sir Edward Heath would have wanted it, along with the visitors' opportunity to 'share the beauty of Arundells', the beautiful two acre garden with its quintessentially English outlook, his fascinating, revealing, and personal art collection, sailing and musical memorabilia, and the homely lived-in aspect of the house itself

I don't believe that he would have envisaged that just under 50,000 people have been delighted in taking the opportunity to visit Arundells in the first 5 years of our opening. He would be thrilled of course with the outcome and renewed interest in his home and eventful life. This feedback makes it so worthwhile and rewarding for all of us, and it is clear from the comments that the visitors loved to be welcomed into the house and be given a personal and informative tour of it

My wonderful and knowledgeable guides and I have been privileged to show off this beautiful house and its contents, being informative about the details, and relating stories, anecdotes, and also to hear laughter and conversation reverberating around the rooms, bringing his home to life. Our friendly, welcoming and intimate tours were appreciated by all our visitors (if the visitors' book, emails and letters were anything to go by!), and return visits were frequent. The interior and feel of the house itself has been retained as he lived in it, and indeed almost as it was when he first moved here in 1985

The Trustees of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation gave me the task of fulfilling this part of his will in opening the house to the public, and I have been very proud to be part of its success. I have learnt so much myself over the years working at Arundells, and met so many interesting people, that it has become a real pleasure to share my experiences with our new visitors

I was initially employed by Sir Edward in an horticultural capacity to redesign the gardens when he moved here in 1985. Arriving with a strong and enthusiastic background as a musician and also in art history, I remained working for him assuming many 'hats' right up to his passing in 2005

I would like to welcome all our visitors to a fascinating and richly memorable visit, and as Sir Edward generously quoted: 'to share the beauty of Arundells'

Stuart Craven  -  Curator/Manager

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