Events at Arundells

Our recently granted planning consents allow us to hold in-house events at Arundells throughout the year and we are currently open to negotiations for arrangements and booking for such events

Please call for further details (01722 326546) or email us if you are interested in holding events at the house during 2014, 2015 or beyond. We have also opened Sir Edward's study for the first time to the public this year, in addition to a picture filled corridor, which is on the first floor

Recent events held at the house include a performance by emerging artists from the Dorset Opera, a performance and recital in aid of the Farley Music Festival, a piano recital by Philip Lange for the Childrens Chance Charity and a corporate luncheon for the Schlumberger organisation

Our seminar and small conference room on the first floor is now available to hire from this season, and has been used by several in-house board meetings. Please call for further details

Dining Room (for private dinners) and Conference Room (on first floor)

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