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News articles 2015

Taiwan video report on Arundells visit – 28th

JulyTaiwan news report on Arundells visit – 28th July

1965 – Edward Heath, the surprise new Conservative leader (BT) – 27th July

Ted Heath: Visiting the home of the first state-educated politician to lead the Tory party – Donald Macintyre (The Independent) – 25th July

Sir John Major: Text of Edward Heath lecture (ConservativeHome) – 17th June

Sir John Major delivers inaugural Edward Heath lecture (Inside Wiltshire) – 17th June

Photos of Sir John Major at Arundells and Salisbury Cathedral (Inside Wiltshire) – 17th June

Lord Hunt welcomes former PM Sir John Major (Salisbury Journal) – 19th June

Distant British Past Is Also Present for Salisbury – Steven Erlanger (NYTimes) -18th June

Sir John Major to deliver the first Edward Heath lecture – 11th June

Meridian TV news report on Morning Cloud ceremony – 28th May

Yachting World – Morning Cloud Memorial unveiled – 18th May

IoW County Press, Sir Ben Ainslie & Morning Cloud at Arundells – 17th May

BBC Wiltshire – Interview with Lord David Hunt, Morning Cloud 3 – 15th May (1hr 21 mins)

BBC News – Sir Edward’s salvaged yacht unveiled at Arundells – 15th May

Salisbury Journal – Sir Ben Ainslie unveils Arundells memorial – 15th May

Salisbury Journal – Ben Ainslie set to unveil restored Morning Cloud – 1st May

Our latest exhibition, Heath the Soldier opens on 27th April to early July

IPE Views: Sir Edward Heath and the European concept – 31st March

Salisbury Journal – Arundells re-opens – 28th March

HHA – Arundells re-opens with range of events – 23rd March

Media release – 23rd March

Wiltshire’s winning ways – February 15th

Express Travel information on Salisbury – March 1st

Wiltshire – Discovering hidden gem is best by coach – 22nd February